*If you first need the Natural Toothpick with stand pack, you can find it by clicking here.

Rivsalt’s ORGANIC TOOTHPICK REFILL is the perfect accesory for the original Toothpick pack with the wood stand! Just as if you were buying toothpaste when you run out of it, this bulb gives several multiple serving teeth cleaner stems of the plant Ammi Visnaga to bring modern design into the kitchen and serving. Perfect for you and your guests – a very personal and uncommon touch for after snacks, lunches, and dinners.

Note: To use, simply snap off a stem from the beautiful dried flower and use it as a regular toothpick. The flower heads used in Rivsalt TOOTHPICK are harvested from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains where they are dried and then shipped to Casablanca for final selection. Locals have used the plant for a wide range of purposes for more than 1000 years and to this day use the dried flower stems as toothpicks.



Dimensions (flower):
Height: ~7-10 cm // ~2.8-3.9 in
Width: ~3-5 cm // ~1.2-1.9 in

Dimensions (desk stand):
Diameter: 4.3 cm // 1.7 in
Height: 1.9 cm // 0.7 in

Dimensions (cardboard gift tube):
Diameter: 4.5 cm // 1.8 in
Height: 13.5 cm // 5.3 in

~60-70 g // ~2.3 oz