ROLLERBALL FABER-CASTELL AMBITION BLACK with the Mies Barcelona Pavilion Foundation logo

  • Black barrel made of brushed synthetic material.
  • Toe cap and plug in polished chrome metal.
  • Pressure cap, easy and fast to open.
  • Metal spring clip.
  • Replacement quick-drying ink, black color.
  • Presented in an elegant case.
  • Mies van der Rohe Foundation logo screen printed in white.

Official product of the Mies Barcelona Pavilion shop.



Dimensions (pen):
Length: 13.7 cm // 5.4 in

Dimensions (case dimensions):
Length: 19.6 cm // 7.7 in
Width: 6.7 cm // 2.3 in
Thickness: 3 cm // 1.2 in