Exclusive product from the Official MoMA store

Emblematic and super modern design bowl, in its most striking and big version!

Made of vertical sticks in its folded position, you can easily surprise anyone and change its nature by unfolding the Satellite Bowl like a deck of cards.

Carlo Contin, a designer and architect, established his own studio in Milan after extensive experience in interior design and numerous international collabs. The Satellite Bowl reflects an effort to arrange sticks into a geometric form in the simplest way possible.

The finished piece is comprised of lacquered wooden spokes, and ist both a remarkable design objects as a ‘dramatic’ centerpiece. It represents another classic design from Italy of the 1970th, the so-called Sciangai clothhanger.

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Dimensions (folded):
Length: 40.3 cm // 15.9 in
Diameter: 12.3 cm // 4.8 in

Dimensions (unfolded):
Height: 22 cm // 8.7 in
Diameter: 48 cm // 18.9 in

468 g // 1.03 lb

Color: red (black model available here)

To clean, wipe with a damp cloth.
Do not submerge.

Hand washable.

Fold and unfold easily pushing the sticks.

Works both ways (left orientation, right orientation).

Museum of Modern Art, 2007