Create your own Suprematist artworks on your tabletop – by BEAMALEVICH

Do you imagine yourself experimenting with art? It’s never been easier than with this item!

A great game for lovers of Modern Art, with Shapes of Suprematism you have all the needed elements to create new Suprematist or Post-Suprematist compositions on your tabletop, that you can rearrange as you please!

Mostly sponsored by painter Kazimir Malevich, the Suprematist art movement established its foundations within “geometrical abstraction”, with artists like Kandinsky, Suetin, Khidekel, El Lissitzky, and even Le Corbusier taking part of it; these people appeared along the 1910s as part of the vanguardist Constructivism wave in Europe and Soviet Russia, and nurtured many later styles of architecture and art, some of which survive to this day!

With only elementary forms and lines, Suprematism gave a giant push to movements like De Stijl, Brutalism, or the Staatliches Bauhaus School aura. We could say it was one of the biggest influences oo how the modern world looks, hands down!

Of the three versions of Shapes of Suprematism by BEAMALEVICH, this is the rawest of them, keeping the simplicity and pureness that Malevich sought with the Black Square painting (1915) and posterior basic motives (the Black Circle, also from 1915, or the Black Cross), but turned into an unavoidable visual force by the bright and sharp red color of the methacrylate.

Enjoy the results creatively through photography, with video capturing, placing as decoration on your shelves… tons of fun for a one-time purchase!

Go beyond the established!

Other artsy Shapes of… models available: Suprematism Black, Suprematism Blue, Mondrian, Cut-Outs by Matisse, The Tatlin Tower



Dimensions (wood base):
Length: 39 cm // 15.3 in
Width: 8 cm // 3.1 in
Height: 0.9 cm // 0.35 in

certified elm wood & methacrylate

red (blue & black also available)

1 x wood base with 5 grooves
7 x different sized methacrylate Suprematist-geometrical figures

Designed and made in Barcelona, Spain

Packed in a design cardboard box