A unique card holder, The Babel tower comes to organize the biblical language-confusion. By German design brand Siebensachen

The Siebensachen Babel cardholder helps you organize all business cards, invitations, guarantee tickets, blue cards, voting-information, thanks to its inclined-bent slot geometry on five levels.

The noble tower presents important papers as dynamic objects. The initial tidiness will have an attractive appearance thanks to the convex design of Babel – nearly too bad to be used as a deposit!

Babel is made out of south German native oak wood. The Babel Zettelhalter cardholder by Siebensachen offers a place to things that would disappear on the desk otherwise.

Siebensachen design is in hands of the ADAM+HARBORTH team, Jörg Adam & Dominik Harborth

Available in 2 different colors.

Made in Germany.



Height: 18.5 cm // 7.3 in
Diameter: 8.3 cm // 3.3

Color: dark brown wood (also available in white)

Material: massive beech wood, the bottom has a wool-felt pad

Design: Jörg Adam & Dominik Harborth, 2008