Premium hexagon copper and brass coasters, the ‘Zettelhalter Tripod’ by German design brand Siebensachen

The Hexagon trivets in a set of three table sculptures and functional pieces of folding art in one, that will help you pose your warm and heavy kitchen utensils without damaging your table surfaces, ready for a high-stake meal.

The polished metal bands are cleverly folded and connected to prismatic objects that work as trivets for pots and pans.

The Siebensachen Trivet is a Kitchen Accessory in noble metal-look: Every single element of the set is used as the trivet for all standard pot diameters. The trivets in three different sizes of sheet steel with galvanized surfaces in copper, brass, vintage are both as a group and solo a real catcher in the kitchen and on the dining table.

Siebensachen design is in hands of the ADAM+HARBORTH team, Jörg Adam & Dominik Harborth

3-pieces set.



Dimensions (biggest):
Height: 2.5 cm // 1 in
Diameter: 20.5 cm // 8.1 in

Dimensions (medium):
Height: 2.5 cm // 1 in
Diameter: 17 cm // 6.9 in

Dimensions (smallest):
Height: 2.5 cm // 1 in
Diameter: 13.5 cm // 5.3 in

Perfect for: pots and pans with a diameter in between 15 to 25 cm (5.9 to 9.8 in)

Material: electroplated steel sheet, surface galvanized metal: copper, brass, vintage

Color: copper, yellow, black

Design: Jörg Adam & Dominik Harborth, 2015