Modern round Lichi Mustard sunglasses by Terrae

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In collaboration with Beamalevich, the youths at Terrae have launched an own personal brand of sunglasses inspired in their favorite urban styles.

Let’s assume it. Ray Bans are cool, but they don’t suit everyone. Sunglasses are a very personal accessory, that has to concur with several factors to both be useful and look good on you at the same time.
Somewhere down the line, the round shape took over eyewear design for the good: it fits a wide range of face types, its glasses are easy to clean, and they are just genuine in style and format.

With a reminiscence to Suprematism, the 3 Terrae Lichi sunglasses models available at our website are a fashionable way of showing love for art, for growing companies, and for daring in design: the Lichi sunglasses style will never become obsolete.



Dimensions (folded):
14 x 2 cm
5.5 x 0.8 in
see picture












mustard orange

Unique features:

  • Feel and durability are the reasons for the 3-bridge hinges. The result of their implementation is a user experience that matches the product on offer.
  • Polarised CR39 lenses eliminate glare and increase visual clarity and contrast while reducing eye strain. Extremely lightweight and more impact resistant than glass, these lenses filter out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • The manufacturing process is perfectly aligned with its aesthetics. The minimalist shape and the fusion of vegetable fibre and recycled nylon make for a lightweight, durable frame with maximum comfort. The use of matt colour as a finish is in keeping with its shape, a differentiating factor.

No worry about eyeglass-keeping: all Terrae Lichi sunglasses come with their own protective case inside a box of their own, just like a perfect gift. It’s a nice view!