Art Lapel Pin representing The Cave of Altamira’s Bison

Wear the history of art. This is a beautiful art brooch for your clothes, respectful with fabrics.

It represents the oldest picture of a bull or bison, the oldest drawing of a bull or bison in history – the one from the Cave of Altamira in Santillana del Mar, Cantabria, in the North of Spain. Discovered in 1868, this grotto’s walls display art at least 30.000 years old, being one of the oldest European Prehistoric findings and an object of study and admiration. This animal pin represents one of the most iconic prehistoric paintings inside Altamira, which is known for the high quality and quantity of ancient wall art to be found inside, including hands, other animals like deer, horses, goats, and human stick figures. You can read more here.

Famously, Pablo Picasso interpreted a similar bison in a famous recorded sketch.

The Pin Museum collection comprises famous artworks in Enamel Pin format. We are sure you can recognize almost every painting reproduced in their lapel pins.

Each painting brooch has its own character. See the pictures for ideas on how to wear them. They look simply great!!

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Height: 2.3 cm // 0.9 in
Width: 1.3 cm // 3.3 in

Soft Enamel Pin
Double Posted
Rubber Clasps

Small single cardboard base and envelope

Inspired by The Cave of Altamira