The Line Chicago silhouette from South Lakeford in a 50 cm version in Gold, by The Line

Cut in a 1.5 mm thick sheet of steel and then finished in black, the Chicago silhouette by The Line is part of the collection of United States cities.

Most skyscrapers of Michigan’s Capital city appear in this item, with the prominent Willis Tower and Trump Tower, and the Aon Center and John Hancock Center – you know, where the antennas are! Lake Point Tower draws the imaginary line that flattens the city down to where Navy Pier stands the tallest construction if you were to look at the city from South Lakeford.

The metal line comes in a nice cardboard box depicting the same drawing.

It is a golden model, one of The Line’s varieties to their creations – an elegant choice for bathrooms and for a different mood than the classic black.

All The Line outlines are installed with small black nails (golden in this case) that fix them into the walls or surfaces of choice.



Length: 50 cm // 19.7 in
Height: 6.4 cm // 2.5 in
Thickness: 0.15 cm // 0.06 in

300 g // 0.66 lbs

1 x golden metal Chicago outline
3 x golden nails for installation