Art Lapel Pin representing “[fusilamientos] El tres de mayo de 1808” (translated Third of May 1808) painting by Francisco Goya

Wear the history of art. This is a beautiful art brooch for your clothes, respectful with fabrics.

It represents the 1814 painting by Goya, finished 6 years after the Fusilamientos de la montaña del Principe Pío tragedy (Shootings at Principe Pío mountain), in which Napoleonic troops shoot Spanish citizens who had been resisting the takeover of Madrid and Spain by the French army. Goya captured the horrors and inbound injustices that violent conflicts reek in the form of thousands of micro-stories and episodes that, put together, make up wars. Read more HERE.

The Pin Museum collection comprises famous artworks in Enamel Pin format. We are sure you can recognize almost every painting reproduced in their lapel pins.

Each painting brooch has its own character. See the pictures for ideas on how to wear them. They look simply great.

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Height: 3.1 cm // 1.2 in
Width: 3.8 cm // 1.5 in

Soft Enamel Pin
Double Posted
Rubber Clasps

Small single cardboard base and envelope

Inspired by “The Third of May 1808” by Francisco Goya