HOUSE Victor Vasarely inspired in his works & patterns, to create Op Art structures and landscapes

Build freely and compose structures with this Victor Vasarely inspired HOUSE™ architecture toy large pack. The Op-Art master has a rendition in this block game in the form of a selection of his most used geometrical shapes and surface patterns. Zebras, flags, and aviation signs, were all inspired by his works.

Blank cardboard sheets with predesigned drawings included, as shown on the picture, and featuring roofs, outer walls, windows, doors and more. To create and colorize together, stimulating your senses.

Wood bases with linear slots also included. A versatile and natural basis for your constructions.

Methacrylate walls have also been included to give creations an extra push in perspective and distances. In the end, lenses are a key element in the field of optics.

90º metal plaques also included. The pilars your corners need.

Markers not included.

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Dimensions (packaging):
Length: 9 cm // 3.5 in
Width: 24.8 cm // 9.7 in
Height: 5.6 cm // 2.2 in

Weight (full product):
616 g // 1.36 in

Material: wood, metal, methacrylate, & cardboard

2 x square wood bases
2 x medium rectangular wood bases
2 x large rectangular wood bases
2 x square transparent methacrylate walls
6 x metal shaped walls
12 x cardboard walls with different Vasarely works’ inspired patterns. Coloured. Various sizes