An 8 Watercolor set with brush included, all packed in a superuseful and carriable envelope style, by Lovi Finland

New artist quality Lovi Watercolors packaged envelope size and easy to send as gift!

In a just 15 x 24 cm (5.9 and 9.4 in) and 1 cm (0.4 inches) thick board, Lovi includes the most used tonalities so that you can carry this pack with you wherever you go.

It is very lightweight, at only 55 grams (0.12 lbs), and it is cleverly made so that you have all your paints fixed to the same wooden board that you can always cover whenever you need it with the original cardboard envelope, so that you can bring it with you in your purse or let your children move it around the house without spoiling or dirtying up!

Package includes 8 basic colors, a brush, and a color mixing guide.

You can buy and choose any Lovi animal or tree in natural wood and feel free to paint and decorate your very own Lovi creation!

Absolutely sustainable and made with love by Lovi Oy in Finland!



  • Package size and weight: 15cm x 24cm x 1cm (envelope size!) / 55g
  • 8 Basic Water Colors
  • Brush
  • Mixing Guide
  • Eco & Child Friendly
  • Non-toxic (CE certification)

Made in Finland. Patented.

Design: Anne Paso