Hoover Building model in plaster by Chisel & Mouse

Condition: this model was displayed at CaixaForum Madrid and CaixaForum Barcelona, and was returned in its current status. Brass frames are very slightly dented inwards (See pictures). While this bend is almost imperceptible, it could also be fixed with care as the thin brass pieces are soft and malleable.

The Hoover Buildings have long been heralded as a monument to the Art Deco movement.

Designed by Wallis, Gilbert and Partners, it is a magnificent and a real advertisement for the Hoover company. The beautiful facades were a revolution in the 1930s, and the use of colour was especially bold with the light green window frames making the buildings unmistakable.

Made of strong plaster that has a reassuring weight and smooth and cool feel. Window frame and railings are made of etched brass.

Handmade in Sussex, England.

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Architect(s): Wallis, Gilbert and Partners

Opening year: 1938

Style: Art Deco

Real building address: UB6 8BW, Western Avenue, London (ENGLAND)

Dimensions (sculpture):
Height: 18 cm // 7 in
Width: 21 cm // 8.2 in
Depth: 5.5 cm // 2.1 in

2.1 kg approximately // 4.6 lbs approximately

Material: plaster, etched brass