The 4 feathers led light Lampe Volante by Atelier d’Exercices.

The shuttlecock of the badminton game becomes a lamp, whose stability is ensured thanks to its weighted round bottom.

Manufactured with cork and real farm-raised bird feathers, which were taken with respect for the wellbeing of the animal and disinfected. The feathers can be easily replaced during the lifespan of the lamp.

Cork is a natural material that must be handled with care, so to avoid tearing please install the feathers carefully.

Exclusively for indoor use.

This item is not appropriate for children. Be careful not to look directly into the LED light.



Height: 26 cm // 10.2 in
Cable length: 2.5 metres // 98 in

LED lighting system

Power: 0.7 watt
Luminous flow: 216 Lm
Life span: 100.000 hours
Lighting low tensions: 12 V
Transformer: 220 V – 12 V

Should not be left outdoors in bad weather (strong wind, rain, hail, or snow).
The feathers can easily be replaced by others you find outdoors.
Do not distort the structure as you may destabilise it.
Unsuitable for children under the age of 8.